SINCE 1913

OXILLA is a brand of Manifattura di Domodossola Group specialized in the production of luxury braided materials for interior decoration. OXILLA products are versatile and functional: they are created to line the walls of yachts, airplanes, private residences, stores and hotels. The product range also includes tubular braids and pipings, as well as a collection of items for interior decoration and hospitality.

In OXILLA products the art of design blends with state-of-the-art workmanship and high-quality raw materials, creating a perfect combination of functionality and innovation.


For over 100 years Manifattura di Domodossola has been an undisputed leader in the production of braided items for leather goods, apparel, furniture, jewellery and footwear. Always looking to the future, while still anchored to the values and traditions of its local territory, at the beginning of its second century of activity, the company inaugurated OXILLA, the new business division exclusively dedicated to the luxury furniture sector. “100% Made in Italy” is guaranteed by a stringent control of production processes and by the fact that products are manufactured completely in-house.


Environmental protection and a customer-oriented approach are the milestones of our corporate philosophy. OXILLA proposes sophisticated elegant solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces; every braided item is entirely studied, designed and produced in our plant, always guaranteeing a very high quality standard. One of OXILLA’s distinctive elements is the collection of copper braids that are placed between two glass panels to create unique staircases, tables, doors and walls.


Manifattura di Domodossola is the only manufacturer in the world able to work numerous raw materials according to the best industrial standards: from Tuscan vegetable tanned leather to multicolor copper, from neoprene to linen, and from cork to nabuk. OXILLA braided items are the result of a perfect balance between different materials and colors that give life to an endless range of possibilities for customers.


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