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The term OXILLA appears for the first time in 700 A.D. to indicate the city of Domodossola. It was chosen as a tribute to the place where the Group’s first factory was located. The brand produces materials and items for luxury interior decoration, giving prominence to products that have been used for decades to decorate prestigious stores, yachts, airplanes, private residences and hotels. The decision was taken to offer customers the company’s professional skills and hundred-year-old experience in a continuously evolving sector, such as the interior decoration market. Thanks to technological innovation, to the creativity of our staff and to the high quality of raw materials, the company has managed to win the challenge of producing items and accessories for hotels and restaurants, starting from its historical products.




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Raw Materials


Taking a raw material and converting it into an extremely valuable item: this is OXILLA’s secret. Leather, copper, eco-leather, cork, cashmere, neoprene, cotton, satin, linen, nabuk and raffia are only a few examples of the raw materials used for OXILLA’s luxury braided items, which are combined with a very large color palette to create an endless set of different combinations.

Our vegetable-tanned leather comes from the best Tuscan suppliers. Copper is enameled with anti-oxidant treatments: each element is worked with the utmost care, while fully respecting the environment.



Respect for materials and care for the environment: this is the philosophy of OXILLA and Manifattura di Domodossola Group, which has been committed since its foundation in 1913 in the investigation of natural raw materials and in technological innovation for eco-compatible treatments. Cork, linen, cotton and rayon are some of the natural materials we use. Leather is the prime element of our collections: it is vegetable tanned and dyed in-house with completely non-toxic, water-based colors. Our leather braided items are also available in 100% ecological recycled leather.


Environmental protection and custode-oriented approch are the milestones of our corporate philoshopy. OXILLA proposes sophisticated elegant solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces; every braided item is entirely studied, designed and produced in our plant, always guaranteeing a very high quality standard. One of OXILLA’s distinctive elements is the collection of copper braids that are placed between two glasses panel to create unique staircases, tables, doors and walls.

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